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Eco Solutions Promotional Video

This is the promotional video for Eco Solutions molten salt energy storage project.

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Alice Solar City Consortium seeking Solar Proposals

Alice Springs

Known as the Australia unofficial solar capital, Alice Springs is the second largest city in the Northern Territory of Australia. Alice Springs has an arid environment and is surrounded by several different deserts. Back in 2008, Alice Solar City Consortium was awarded $37 million from the Australian Government to help the local community save energy, money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Australian Government’s Solar Cities program is a partnership approach that involves all levels of the government, private sector and the local communities to rethink the way they produce and use energy.

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Brisbane full service bike station

Hidden within the King George Square Bus Station complex in Brisbane is a hidden green innovation. Brisbane City Council and Queensland Transport have teamed up to fund construction of a bicycle facility that provides heaps of services such as showers, towels, air conditioned locker rooms, secure bike parking, laundry service, bike repairs, workshops and many more to come.

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The Australia Federal Government is reiterating their commitment to spend the $4.5 billion renewable energy budget to reduce carbon pollution. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd would spend approximately $1.4 billion to create the world’s largest solar project.

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Renewable Energy budget boost in Australia


The Australia Federal Government has committed approximately $4.5 billion to clean energy in the latest 2009-2010 budget. The funding will provide $1.6 billion for the solar industry where the government aim is to position Australia back as a global leader in solar energy technology. Australia was previously a world leader in solar technology till the funding dried up in the past few years and some of the local solar entrepreneurs went over to other countries that provide favourable government incentives.
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Top 5 Mega Wind Farms in Australia

Australia is blessed with excellent wind supply due to its unique location. The prevailing westerly wind along the southern coastline enables constant renewable supply of wind to potential sites. Increasing amount of government legislation and private investments on wind farms will increase power generation by this sustainable method. Listed below are the top 5 largest wind farms in Australia.

No 1:

Maximum Power: 352 MW (Potential – Further Expansion Expected)
Location: Hallett, South Australia
Expected Cost: $805 million (Estimated)
Project Completion Date: 2011 (Projected for Hellet 4)
Company: Suzlon Energy Australia (Hellet 1), AGL Energy (Hellet 2-4)
Technology: Suzlon S88 2.1 MW wind turbines
Link: AGL Website


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Google Next Innovation


Google is known as an innovative multinational company worldwide. They have introduced to us numerous products that have become part of our everyday lives. Some of their ground breaking products are:-

  • Google web search
  • Google Earth
  • Google Street
  • Android Open Source
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Top 5 Mega Solar Plants in Australia

Australia is slowly moving from conventional power production to renewable energy in recent years. The increasing awareness of climate change in the community has prompt an increase in demand for sustainable power generation. Solar power is an unlimited power source and is known as the ultimate form of renewable energy along with wind. Listed below are the top 5 largest solar plants in Australia:-

No 1:

Maximum Power: 200 MW (Potential)
Location: Buronga, New South Wales
Expected Cost: N/A
Project Completion Date: N/A
Company: Enviro Mission
Technology: Solar Tower Technology
Link: Enviro Mission Website

Solar Tower

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Energy Costs to Increase in Queensland


Australia Money

It was revealed by Premier Anna Bligh on 22/4/2009 that Queenslanders can expect to pay approximately 14.5% more in their electricity bill in the next financial year. The justification for the price hike was the increasing cost for infrastructure, construction and maintenance of the transmission lines. The previous increase of electricity price was at mid 2008 where the price of all utilities increased by 6.5%.

Based on early calculations, typical household electricity price in a month will increase from $150 (basis) to $172. Thus, each and every Queenslander household will be $264 worst off when the new price takes place.

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Types of Energy Storage

Pump Hydro

Pump Hydro (Window on State Government, 2009)

Pump hydro energy storage utilizes excess electrical energy to pump water from a lower reservoir to a higher one. The energy will be stored as potential energy. When power is needed, water from the higher reservoir will flow to the lower reservoir through a turbine and thus generate electricity to meet demand.

Typical operating cost for pumped hydro is low, reliable and has a long lifetime. Efficiencies of this system are approximately 75%. Hydro energy plants are usually constructed on specific geological formations and this factor alone will increase the initial capital cost. In addition to that, construction of these plants usually creates large environmental concerns.

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